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Yoga Babies

Jennifer Kara: Yoga Babies
Prenatal Yoga Instructor & Doula
Mom and Baby Yoga

Pregnant? Come stretch, relax and rejuvenate in the company of like-bodied women through the practice of prenatal yoga.

Pregnancy is a time of amazing transformation: a mother is being born!

Jennifer has been practicing and studying yoga for 21 years.

As a Certified Whole Birth Yoga teacher, she combines her love of yoga with her passion for pregnancy and birth.

A mother of two, she credits her own yoga background and specifically the Whole Birth Yoga and Support classes for helping her births to be empowering experiences.

Her support oriented prenatal yoga classes led naturally to her doula work, and her services include prenatal meetings, continuous labor support and several postpartum visits; all with a firm commitment to “mother the mother”.

A few years ago, she added Mom and Baby Yoga classes to provide a space for women to gather with each other and their babies after navigating the passage of birth.

To teach these classes, Jennifer mentored under a master yoga teacher, Julianne Rice, for two years in the Bay Area before ultimately writing a manual with her and assisting a teacher training for Yoga 'n Play, Julianne's unique blend of Mom and Baby Yoga.

Some people wonder how you can do yoga with a baby.

Well....its more like a baby friendly environment where at any given time someone is feeding, changing a diaper, walking a fussy baby around, stretching a bit, learning some infant massage and yes, some yoga too - all in the company of others going through similar life adjustments.

Prenatal Yoga classes are held weekly throughout the year, and Mom and Baby Yoga is offered several times a year at:

2031 Geer Rd
Turlock, California 95380

Website: http://www.iamyogastudio.com

Contact Jennifer:
Message via Facebook: An online circle of sharing, support, and news as we travel the journey of pregnancy, birth, and mothering and/or support someone else on the path.

Email: [email protected]


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