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Holistic Pet Care

Roberta Anderson, Ph.D
Author, Animal Whisperer, Acupressurist & Health Communication Consultant

Ms. Anderson is a recognized animal whisperer, certified acupressurist, credentialed health communication consultant and a published author and illustrator.

Roberta provides and teaches touching techniques to assist in the care of our animal friends; including telepathic communication, emotional release work and therapeutic touch methods as they apply to the treatment of animals.

The touching techniques Roberta teaches, in concert with traditional veterinary care, have brought relief from a host of physically and emotionally health related problems of her client's pets including limited mobility, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

Many of these techniques are outlined in her book, Loving Hands, Touching Techniques To Enhance Your Pet's Health.

Roberta also designs customized treatment patterns to meet the individual health needs of her client's animal friends.

She teaches Animal Lovers and Guardians how you can assist your pet in experiencing relief from stress, acute or chronic pain, traumas, fears, phobias or anxieties through the power of touch.

In addition to learning these techniques from her book, she offers seminars, events, phone consultations, and more. Check the Events and Classes page for current information.

To make an in-person or telephone session appointment, please email her at [email protected]

To Learn more, visit her website:  The Pet Care Conection / Loving Hands

Anderson and Associates
PO Box 675
Denair, CA 95316


Lindsay Croom, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Croom uses acupuncture, chiropractic, homotoxicology, and nutrition, along with herbal alternative therapies to complement conventional Western medicine.

Most people see a change after the first visit, and there is often an immediate improvement in sleep patterns.

Dr. Croom has completed courses for Western and Chinese herbs. Homotoxicology is basically homeopathy but it involves combination remedies. It adds to the acupuncture because she can use it as aqua puncture by placing homeopathic remedies in acupuncture points.

She looks at your animal as a whole, and is passionately involved in her work and loves what she does.

Her work integrates conventional medicine with an alternative approach. You can read more about her work in this Interview with Lindsay Croom, DVM. 

Email Dr. Lindsay at [email protected].

To Learn more, visit:  Salida Veterinary Hospital 

4566 Salida Blvd
Salida, CA 95368 

(209) 541-7884


Kelly Tribble

Licensed Holistic Practitioner & Canine Rehabilitator

Kelly works closely with patient and guardian to ensure total recovery. 

Her gentle manner, healing touch, along with an underwater treadmill are the perfect combination to support your pet’s overall wellness.

Kelly's alternative, non-invasive therapy can help your pet's healing process to speed up, helping your animal return to its previous level of functioning.

Water exercise and pool therapy are among the therapies Kelly provides. 

To Learn more, visit:  Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital 

901 East Monte Vista Avenue
Turlock, CA 95382 

(209) 634-0023


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