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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Dr. Calvin Lee
General Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Botox Artist, Violinist

With training in acupuncture in China and Taiwan; from friends, relatives, and in what he calls "a separate country": Los Angeles, as well as Stanford University, Dr. Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice.

Dr. Lee can treat you with acupuncture alone, or provide it in conjunction with surgery for things like relieving post operative discomfort, and for aiding the energy flow through your body, for quicker, more comfortable recovery time.

A multi-talented, even gifted man, please visit his website below to learn more and enjoy his sense of wit and humor there. You'll find him at Surgical Artistry, Inc., where he shares beautiful space with his wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, plastic surgeon.

Website: Modesto Acupuncture

Email: [email protected] 

 Dr. Calvin Lee & Dr. Tammy Wu
Surgical Artistry, Inc.
Veins, Acupuncture, & Plastic Surgery
2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C
Modesto, CA 95355

(209) 551-1888

Amy Arreygue CMT, RYT, LAc
Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupunturist

Ms. Arreygue is passionate about providing acupuncture and herbal formulas to help her clients enjoy healthy, pain-free lifestyles.

With Medical Qi Gong, Paramedical, Reflexology, and Prenatal Acupressure among her healing repertoire, she seeks to serve your health and well being in simple, effective, holistic ways.

When she's not singing, dancing, or performing on stage, she's applying her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine to her rich array of skills and expertise.  

She's been a California licensed acupuncturist and primary care provider since September 2013.

You'll find her in a lovely and upbeat wellness center she shares with her husband, Orlando Arreygue, Certified Massage Therapist, along with many other talented wellness providers at NTouch BodyWork & Healing Arts, Inc.

Website: NTouch BodyWork & Healing Arts

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NTOUCHBODYWORK

Email: [email protected]

NTouch BodyWork & Healing Arts, Inc.
1101 Standiford Ave., Ste. A1
Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 575-3770











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