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Stephanie Stolte

Certified Rolfer™,  Advanced Training Board Certified Structural IntegratorCM

Ms. Stolte provides Rolfing® Structural Integration Bodywork, SourcePoint Therapy Energy Healing, and Somatic Experiencing® Advanced Level Stress reduction and trauma resolution.

Through these techniques, she helps people heal from postural problems and nervous system disregulation caused by physical injury, chronic stress, and other traumatic experiences.

Her work can help relieve the suffering that comes with chronic tension or pain, anxiety, panic attacks, hyper vigilance, overwhelming emotion, lack of motivation, feelings of disconnection or depression, and more.

Stephanie also has a special interest in helping to heal the trauma associated with social oppression. 

To learn more, visit:  stephaniestolte.com

Stephanie Stolte
Certified Rolfer™
1015 12th Street
Modesto, California

(209) 614-7532 

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